Green Socialism

This summer heat records fell and the earth melted in front of our eyes.  Trump’s fascist America has declared war on all working people, forcing activists everywhere into a type of fugue state trying to keep up with the damage. In a country that puts brown children in cages, it is hard to keep focused on the damage to the earth that is being done every second of every day by the emission of fossil fuels.

With the exit of Scott Pruitt from Trump’s administration, it is worth remembering that the destruction of the environment is part and parcel with the war on the working class. Trump’s American Fascist movement is predicated on the destruction of the commons, in fostering the belief that solidarity is impossible and all material goods can be privatized and commoditized.

The unifying link connecting ‘lone’ mass shooters, deregulations of co2 emissions and eroding collective bargaining rights are the wholesale destruction of a common social project of creating a more humane society for all, not just the few. Capitalism by its very nature atomizes people, leaves us sick, lonely and depressed. In this state it is ever easier for the bosses to seize more capital for themselves, more power and privileges for themselves, further depriving the working class.

Oil companies knew about climate change several decades ago and worked hard to sow confusion and doubt about it, confusion that has taken root in our political parties. The truth is that energy companies can never escape from capitalist profit motives, and their attendant servants in congress, the judiciary and the executive will never cop to the truth. Only the working class, by overthrowing bourgeois capitalism, can end our climate crisis. ‘Sustainability’ is not enough; green socialism or barbarism.


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