Janus Faced

Labor has been in decline in the United States for at least forty years. The Supreme Court case Janus vs. AFSCME, the outcome which will probably cripple public sector unions, is part of a long class warfare perpetrated by the right on the working class. The issue is an attempt to overturn an earlier case in which a union can collect “agency shop” fees by all employees, even non-union members. The Janus case, like an earlier case involving teacher unions, is bankrolled by wealthy conservative groups and attempts to roll back the power of unions as a political and economic force for the working class. While Gorsuch was quiet throughout the oral arguments, the final ruling will most likely side against the unions.

This case is in line with the right’s overall political project of ensconcing power in the hands of the wealthy at the expense of workers, the environment, the sick and immigrants. What is needed is a new, radical, labor movement, one that supports the needs of all working people in a truly progressive manner. Given that labor’s decline will continue unabated with the help of the kangaroo Supreme Court, it’s now time to stand in solidarity with working people to demand a better, fairer work place.


The Supreme Court, photo from the Wall Street Journal

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